Snow patterns

This entry was posted on Jan 12 2014
Fay Lake, Forest County Wisconsin

Fay Lake, Florence County Wisconsin


While here in Eastern Iowa the mild temperatures took care for some of the snow we had on the ground, a fresh layer of the white stuff covered the landscape up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. It was my traditional ice fishing weekend with friends and as always I took the camera with me. The fishing was good this year but a strong overcast made for gray snow most of the time. Nevertheless, there were some brief moments when the sun was covered only by a thin layer of clouds, creating at least some luminosity.


Popple River, Forest County, Wisconsin

Popple River, Forest County, Wisconsin


The patterns of snow on the trees were wonderful and I just tried to integrate them in my compositions. The deer tracks in the snow that covers the ice on Popple River are a different kind of pattern but they add to the story about a nice winter day in a great landscape.

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  1. some pix of the ice fishing would be great !

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