2013 – Looking back, part 1

This entry was posted on Dec 27 2013

Yellow-rumped Warbler


The year is coming to an end soon and it is the time to review and analyze what went wrong and where some progress was made with my photography. I was a lot out in the field for some wildlife photography, and if you followed my blog through the year you know that there were some great moments. The best day by far was May 4, 2013. I encountered six different species of warblers that day and four of them were first sightings for me. Not all photos were good enough for being published in the blog but just watching a new bird is a wonderful experience.

My choice for today’s post are two images of the male Yellow-rumped Warbler that were made down at the Mississippi River at Mud Lake Park.

Yellow-rumped Warbler 2


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  1. Lieber Andreas, möge auch das kommende Jahr Dir viele Lichtblicke in der Natur (und natürlich sowieso täglich im Alltag ) bescheren.
    Deine Bilder aus Iowa´s Natur erfreuen uns immer sehr.
    Liebe Grüße Maren und Co.

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